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Grand Opening of the Parisian Macau

Macau, China


Following on from the Grand Opening of Studio City in Macau, this was our second property opening in Macau. A grand opening show set under the Eiffel Tower, including an automated aerial balloon flying over the audience and a pyro show across the building of the strip, this was then followed by an extensive 5 act gala dinner and a press event.

cue2cue provided the full show control team to deliver this ambitious project realising the creative vision of Black Skull Creative. On top of this, September is the rainy season, so we developed a mutli layered contingency plan covering alternate versions of the outdoor show as well as various alternative hybrid versions of the show based inside the properties theatre enabling us to deliver the opening whatever the weather could throw at us.

Wonder Works Client of cue2cue-1.png

Production Stage Management
Show Calling
Stage Management
Artist Liason

Produced by Uniplan, Creative Direction by Black Skull Creative

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