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ABBA Voyage



A concert like no other, an experience like no other. How to schedule and tech a show, the like of which has never been done before, in a brand new venue was the challenge.

Starting 14 months before premier, cue2cue supplied the production stage manager and the resident team for the run of the show. Responsibilities included rehearsal scheduling, show calling, time code breakdown and running of rehearsals and production meetings in the purpose built ABBA Arena.

8 weeks of tech, a 10 piece live band, 120tb of data and over 800 axis of automation, made for a thrilling and exciting production period.

To enable the smooth running of show, we developed an extensive contingency plan to over all aspects of show running to enable the resident stage management team to run the show 7 times a week to sold out performances.

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for ABBA Voyage/ Aniara

Production Stage Management
Show Calling
Stage Management

Produced by Ludvig Anderson & Svana Gisladottir

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