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who we are

founded by Gareth Hulance in 2013, cue2cue supplies teams to over 50 global clients, working on over 150 shows a year, ranging from conferences to ceremonies.


cue2cue is proud to be the sole provider of show teams to many of our clients.


individually, Gareth has 20 years of experience working in ceremonies, live events and theatre, as a show caller, production stage manager and show director.

global experience


cue2cue works across the globe on hundreds of shows a year. from conferences to ceremonies, we have teams based all over the world, so we are able to use local teams, with local language and knowledge, to provide you with the perfect team for your show.

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what we do


cue2cue was created to provide clients with the most experienced stage managers and show callers from across the world capable of working on a huge variety of projects. 

cue2cue is not an agency - we are a resource of highly experienced teams that will partner with you to deliver your show to the highest standard, no matter what type of project it is. we will also consult with you to understand the size of team required to deliver your show.

our strengths are 3 fold:


our teams have all worked across theatre, ceremonies and corporate events so are highly adaptable in a variety of roles and projects.


our teams all know each other and have built trusted relationships on multiple projects worldwide and all have a proven track record.


our network of professionals are based across the world, so we may already have a team that is near your event and capable of working in a broad range of languages.

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