“The training provided essential skills to our production team alongside a valuable insight into the world of show management in a relaxed and engaging environment. Highly recommended”

Adam Wright, Director of Production - Event Concept

cue2cue training covers step by step instruction and guidance of showcalling and stagemanagement for the event industry.  these sessions are tailored for not just people wishing to show call and stage manage, but also for producers and for those who wish to understand these roles more and how they are essential to the smooth running of your show.


tailor made to your needs, training is run for event agencies, drama schools and individuals on a 121 basis.  

all sessions are now currently available via zoom

please get in touch for pricing and how we can tailor the sessions for your requirements


"Gareth is able to invigorate and inspite young Practitioners in showing them innovate practice and techniques that they can use in their current and future practice!"

Adam Leagh - Subject Leader - Rose Bruford

stagemanagement 1

introduction & basics


-difference between theatre & events

-stage management team structure

-stage management responsibilites

-show team structure

-types of stage/ tech terms

-comms etiquette

-professional etiquette/ creative team r'ships


session time: 75mins

session type: presentation & discussion


showcalling 1

introduction & basics


-why the need for a show caller?

-key attributes

-show caller responsibilites

-basics of calling

-working with tech teams and departments

-understanding systems (watchout, e2 etc)

-comms etiquette & professional r'ships


session time: 75mins

session type: presentation & discussion


stagemanagement 2

conferences/ award shows



-systems you need to know

-speaker & stage briefings

-presenter briefings

-essential rehearsal communications

-show day responsibilites 

-in show contingencies


session time: 90mins

session type: presentation & discussion


showcalling 2

conferences/ award shows


-writing the 'show flow' document

-writing/ annotating cues in 'the book'

-working without a script

-briefing technical departments/ operators

-running tech & dress rehearsals

-running the show and dealing with changes

-dealing with tech problems in a live show


session time: 90mins

session type: presentation & discussion


stagemanagement 3

production stage management


-ceremonies team structure

-the role of the production stage manager


-creating the run of show document

-scheduling rehearsals

-running rehearsals 

-cast movement & stacking


session time: 90mins

session type: presentation & discussion


showcalling 3

large shows & ceremonies


-intro to calling large shows/ ceremonies

-understanding time code and it's use 

-creating a time code calling book/ tech script

-understanding timecode loops

-creating contingency plans

-running rehearsals 



session time: 90mins

session type: presentation & discussion



to book all sessions - please email info@cue2cue.uk with your ideal date and time, or if you have any further questions


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